Terms and Conditions

  1. QuickTraining.ie will maintain a panel of approved training course organisers, They may or may not be Safe Pass tutors. QuickTraining.ie will only provide a third party booking service to approved training organisers. QuickTraining.ie is under no obligation to accept course bookings from any training organisation.

  2. The approval of course organisers is strictly at the discretion of QuickTraining.ie. Course organisers may be removed from the register of approved course organisers without notice.

  3. It is the responsibility of the course organiser to ensure the course is notified to SOLAS in advance in sufficient time and to ensure the training course is carried out and processed in accordance with the SOLAS Safe Pass code of conduct.

  4. QuickTraining.ie does not take any responsibility for the course details being incorrect on the QuickTraining.ie website as a result of technical difficulties and/or the actions of third parties.

  5. Approved training organisers will be provided with a login name and a password. They will be able to upload details of their courses onto the website at any time. Text listing course organisers company/trading name, telephone numbers, web site addresses or email addresses within the course listings are strictly not permitted.

  6. Course organisers will not be invoiced for bookings made through the Quick Training website. Instead, Quick Training will retain the deposit paid by the person booking the course.

  7. In instances where course circumstances are modified, it is the sole responsibility of the course organisers to immediately update the details of the course on the QuickTraining.ie website.

  8. QuickTraining.ie is not to be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation of bookings made through the QuickTraining.ie website.

  9. Course organisers must ensure that places are secured for applicants who have booked though QuickTraining.ie on their chosen course. Priority must be given to applicants booked through the QuickTraining.ie website in the event of overbooking.

  10. Course Organisers must not apply a surcharge to the candidates as a result of booking through the QuickTraining.ie website.

  11. Course Organisers consent to their business name, telephone number and email address being included in the booking conformation email issue to the applicants booked onto their course.

  12. In the event of a course cancelation the course organiser should offer the applicant an alternative course date. If the applicants rejects the alternative course date the course organiser must direct the applicant back to QuickTraining.ie to allow the applicant to be booked onto an alternative course listed on the site.

  13. If the applicant fails to turn up for a training course their deposit will be retained by QuickTraining.ie

  14. It is the responsibility of the Course Organiser to ensure that the course is run to the standard specified in the Solas Code of conduct.

Quicktraining.ie - Full payment collection terms and conditions for Course Organisers

1. To enable listing of full payment courses as well as courses other than Safe Pass a course organiser must register a link account with our payment processing partners, Stripe. The registration link will be on the top of the course organiser dashboard.

2. In the event that Course organisers overbook a training event they must prioritise bookings from Quicktraining.ie over bookings received from other sources.

3. As taking full payment for a course reserves the place for the payee the fee will be deemed non-refundable.

4. Refunds will only be accepted in the event of course cancellation. The course organiser must issue quicktraining.ie with an email notification confirming the cancellation prior to any refunds being made.

5. In this instance Quicktraining.ie will issue the full refund and set a reverse transfer equal to the refund from the Course Organiser’s connect account.

6. In an event that the CO deems a refund necessary outside of a cancellation they will have to issue a refund from their own bank account. Quicktraining.ie will have no liability in respect of the administration charge.

7. The administration charge is a percentage of the course fee(s), currently 14%. Course Organisers will be notified in advance of any change in this charge.

8. The administration charge will cover all bank transfer and stripe fee’s. No other costs’ will be levied for generating a fully paid booking.

9. Quicktraining.ie reserves the right to refuse to connect or cancel an account without notice.